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Central Connecticut State University

At Home in Picturesque New England

Students at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) enjoy New England’s natural beauty and a small-town welcome to make their language goals a reality. The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) promotes community, harnesses 21st century learning technology, and supports students in pursuing excellence in their educational goals.

Flexible Admission Policy

With the IELP’s Flexible Admission policy, students can start classes when they are ready and without hassles. Multiple intake points throughout the semester ensure that students can move forward with their education. Also noteworthy, the TOEFL exam is offered for free three times per year.


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IELP Study

The IELP staff at CCSU know that students advance in unique patterns of language learning. Six ability levels dovetail with electives and self-paced modules that allow each student to take the time they need to master concepts, or even permit students who advance quickly to skip levels. Language is studied in context, rather than by rote memorization so that students learn in the way that is most natural and useful. And since the IELP provides online curriculum, students don’t have to waste money on expensive textbooks.

Outstanding Support

From day one, IELP is designed so students will achieve success. The student experience begins with a welcome party, orientation, and a tour to get situated on campus.

Once classes begin, not only do students have the support of IELP program staff, they also have access to university tutors, academic coaches, and a language lab and resource center. Also available is the the Conversation Partners program which goes beyond language practice and often leads to lifelong friendships.

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Rural Life, Big City Neighbors

CCSU is nestled in rolling hills, snug in the small town of New Britain, Connecticut. Boston and New York City—two of the most vibrant US cities are a road trip away from campus (2-3 hours)—offering students valuable study and cultural experiences.

Campus Connections

IELP students gain cultural experience and connections by sharing dormitories with local students while joining campus events including athletics, drama, concerts, and more. Over 100 student clubs and organizations are available to IELP students. From picnics and bowling to field trips to surrounding cities, IELP students find a home at CCSU.

  • “In Connecticut I like the different seasons, we can enjoy different weather and make different things in each one. I like the highway, the cleanliness of the streets, the low prices of the things, the education of the people and the beautiful landscapes.” - Luiza Machado-Pereira

  • “I like this course because it gave me the opportunity to meet many people from different parts of the world. This program is helpful because I’m learning English for business in the future.” - Fabrizio Di Rocco

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