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College of the Desert

Launch Your Academic Dreams from Paradise

College of the Desert in Palm Desert is California’s second fastest-growing community college for obvious reasons—personalized academic support, academic transfer support, and an idyllic location in Southern California.

Intensive English Academy

The comprehensive Intensive English Academy (IEA) begins with the beginners, offering classes at multiple levels to meet learners’ needs and language goals. Students who complete the three levels can enroll at College of the Desert without TOEFL or other English tests.



COD provides a supportive and welcoming environment in which to launch your American higher education!

Spotlight on Hospitality

Students interested in the hospitality industry could not ask for better. Each year, over 12 million tourists visit the 200 resorts and hotels and 120 golf courses located nearby. Students engage in an immense array of internships and practical training, giving them a leg up for their careers.

A Stepping Stone

College of the Desert is focused on helping students transfer to four-year universities to continue their educations. Students with a 2.0 GPA or greater are guaranteed admission to campuses within the California State University system, and are provided robust support for transfers across the US. The IEP hosts visits from university representatives seeking to recruit international students, as well as arranging campus visits to explore regional options.

Affordable Excellence

Low tuition, dedicated international student scholarships, and a low cost of living make College of the Desert easily accessible. In fact, students can save tens of thousands of dollars; two years at the college costs half the price of California State University, and a third of a private university’s tuition.

Making Latin American Students Feel at Home

“Many of our international students comment on the attention and support that they receive,” said Director of International Education, Cody McCabe. “We’re the type of campus where students from diverse backgrounds are successful because we highlight the individual approach in serving students.”

The IEP also offers a homestay program. “It’s very affordable and allows students to live near campus in comfortable, safe environments where they learn about the culture from locals,” concluded Mr. McCabe.

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