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Concordia Language Villages

Immersive ESL Programs for All Ages

Offering residential language programs that focus on complete immersion for college-age students as well as teenagers (13-18 years-old), Concordia Language Villages strives to create an environment where students of all ages and backgrounds will thrive both academically and socially, preparing them to succeed in an academic setting in the US.

“It isn’t just an academic setting where you learn the language in a classroom, but you also have a number of field trips, excursions, and hands-on learning activities integrated into the overall curriculum. Our focus is to help people learn English for daily social interactions as well as for educational and professional settings,” noted Senior Group Director, Martin Graefe.

Part of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, Concordia Language Villages has a history of success with language learning dating back to 1961, when the school first began offering youth programs.


The Student Experience

Today, Concordia Language Villages offers English and several other language programs ranging from youth and family sleepaway camps to programs for adults and professional language educators. With a student- to-teacher ratio of 4:1, classes are kept small and students are placed in courses appropriate to their specific skill level.

Language classes and activities are based on the Concordia College campus, where students get a taste of the American college student experience. For those looking to continue their education in the US after completing ESL studies, Concordia College boasts strong programs in areas such as business, science, music, and education.


Living in Fargo-Moorhead

Fargo-Moorhead is a fast-growing university town (home to three universities/colleges) with a vibrant nightlife and a tight-knit Midwestern community feel. Mr. Graefe elaborated, “Since it’s in the Midwest, it’s very safe. Concordia College, nestled into a family-oriented neighborhood in Moorhead, provides a perfect balance between strong character and values and progressive thinking. There are lots of opportunities for a variety of social and cultural engagements for students.”

Concordia’s Growing International Community

Concordia Language Villages believes that a culturally diverse atmosphere strongly contributes to student success and hopes to welcome additional students from Latin America and beyond. “We want students to have opportunities to meet people from around the world, with English as the language in which they communicate with one another. By living with people from different geographic and cultural backgrounds we learn about our common humanity and about ourselves,” concluded Mr. Graefe. For more information, click here.

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