English USA Supports High Quality Intensive English Programs

International students interested in studying in a high quality intensive English program (IEP) in the US can focus on a single resource for guidance: EnglishUSA, the American Association of Intensive English Programs. With more than 460 member IEPs, EnglishUSA is a one-stop-shop for students, parents, sponsoring organizations, and agents.

The organization provides language program information for students on its member directory website. The organization is also a source of professional development for IEP professionals who are continuously improving their teaching, curricula, and student services. In addition, EnglishUSA liaises with government regulatory entities to promote high standards of international education while representing the best interests of its members. This interaction also helps to maintain and strengthen the standards of IEPs across the country.


Cheryl Delk-Le Good

Executive Director, English USA

Helping International Students Achieve Goals

EnglishUSA provides tools for students to select the best intensive English program for their needs and interests. EnglishUSA understands the factors students take into consideration such as geographic location, costs, housing options, and pathway opportunities.

By working intimately with both international students and English language schools for many years, EnglishUSA has a uniquely broad perspective and the expertise to match students with the right intensive English programs.

“There are more than 460 EnglishUSA member programs, all of which are accredited and/or sit under the governance of a regionally accredited institution,” stated EnglishUSA Executive Director, Cheryl Delk-Le Good. “This ensures that the programs meet high standards for quality and means students and their parents can be assured of receiving high-quality English language instruction that will meet their needs and help them reach their goals.”