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Rowan University on the Rise

For more than 90 years, Rowan University—a forward-thinking, public research institution located in Glassboro, New Jersey—has been building a strong, regional reputation. Rowan first earned a top-tier regional ranking in U.S. News & World Report in 2001. Since then, Rowan has consistently moved up in prestigious regional and national standings (this year, ranked #171 among national research universities and top 90 among public universities), winning notice for excellence in academic programs, innovation, and providing a path to social mobility.

Rowan’s approximate 18,500 students may select from 80 bachelor’s, 60 master’s, 5 doctoral degrees, 2 professional programs, and myriad other certificates and programs—including the renowned English Language Program (ELP).


Gokhan Alkanat

Dr. Gokhan Alkanat, Rowan University

ELP Director


The ELP at Rowan is a university intensive academic English program for international students whose primary goal is to prepare students for university success. The program has had a history of over 50 years helping students from non-English speaking countries all over the world. Rowan ELP graduates have attended many top universities in the US, and have had successful careers in there and other countries.

“We strive to foster a learning culture that embraces the exploration of cross-cultural ideas in a comprehensively supportive environment that connects students with the wider university and surrounding communities,” said ELP Assistant Director and Student Advisor, Jay Tran.

Why Rowan ELP?

Rowan ELP is committed to providing access to higher education for its diverse community of international students through intensive academic English education and exploration of ideas and culture.

The ELP knows through experience what it takes to build a successful program. Teachers are highly educated, have a student-centered philosophy, and are available to help students as much as possible. The ELP provides counseling in visa applications, college and graduate school applications, opening bank accounts, obtaining a driver’s license and more.

Additionally, unique to Rowan ELP, successful completion of the program (completion of Level 5, with a minimum GPA score of 3.0) can be used as proof of language proficiency for university admission into undergraduate and graduate degrees of study. Students who complete the ELP must still meet all other academic requirements for university admission and must provide Certificate of Completion and a letter from the Director of ELP. Read more here.


Outside the Classroom

The ELP aims to make this experience not just a positive one, but a memorable one. In addition to learning English, the ELP takes students to local and regional areas so they can begin to expand their experiences beyond the classroom and learn about the US culture. Field trips to historic areas, such as New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia round out the curriculum.

Rowan ELP mixes intensive academics with a fun and friendly environment. Because this program is intensive, students from each level take classes together. Each level of students will get to know the staff and fellow students very well.

 Check this video of the ELP classrooms, students, and teachers. Please also visit its Facebook page to see what else the ELP is up to!.

“Rowan for Brazil” English Language Program Scholarship

As a part of the “Rowan for Brazil” ELP Scholarship, students who apply to Rowan ELP through BBR may be awarded up to USD $2,000 towards their English Language Program tuition—that’s 50% off the program tuition!

This scholarship will only be offered for a limited time (Summer 2018 admission ONLY) and is contingent upon how quickly students reply. Please submit the inquiry form for more information on how to apply.

As philanthropist and higher education change-maker Henry M. Rowan said, “Education is still the single most important means of changing a person’s life; it’s critical that our investment supports superior education for as many students as possible.”


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