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A Time-tested English Language Program with an Eye on Innovation

For more than 90 years, Rowan University—a forward-thinking, public research institution located in Glassboro, New Jersey—has been building a strong, regional reputation. In 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked Rowan University 19th of Northern Regional Universities, 2nd amongst public institutions, and 2nd most innovative school among regional universities.

Rowan’s approximate 18,000 students may select from 80 bachelor’s, 60 master’s, 5 doctoral degrees, 2 professional programs, and myriad other certificates and programs—including the renowned Intensive English Language Program (IELP).


Gokhan Alkanat

Dr. Gokhan Alkanat, Rowan University

IELP Director

The IELP, Fostering a Culture of Learning

For over four decades, the IELP has provided students the English language competencies, academic skills, and cultural understanding to succeed in their educational and career goals in the international arena.

“We strive to foster a learning culture that embraces the exploration of cross-cultural ideas in a comprehensively supportive environment that connects students with the wider university and surrounding communities,” said IELP Assistant Director and Student Advisor, Jay Tran.

A Leading-edge English Language Education

The IELP knows through experience what it takes to build a successful program. Its brand-new, well-equipped facilities with cutting-edge learning resources allows instructors to teach with the most innovative educational tools in the field. To cultivate a friendly, family-like environment, classes are kept small (up to 18 students) and are largely project-based.

Additionally, by hiring the most highly qualified instructors and staff, offering an academically rigorous curriculum, and maintaining a student-centered philosophy, the program strives to meet all its students’ needs. Take a virtual campus tour, here.

Rowan IELP is committed to providing access to higher education for our culturally and linguistically diverse community of international students, immigrants and other newcomers. The IELP integrates content with language competencies so students are well-rounded in their preparation for university study. The classroom environment is open to exploration of ideas and language development.


Outside the Classroom, A Well-rounded Education

Field trips to nearby points of attraction, as well as New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia round out the the curriculum. Each semester the IELP has a multi-cultural cuisine celebration to share and explore the history and flavors of each student’s culture and build community.

At Rowan IELP, we do our best to mix intensive academics with a fun and friendly environment Because this program is intensive, you will get to know the staff and your fellow students very well. We do our best to make this intensive experience not just a positive one, but a memorable one.

Looking to Partner with Latin America

The IELP at Rowan University would like to reach out to Latin American students and institutions—to build partnerships and form student and/or teacher exchange programs to continue to live out the university’s nearly century-old vision of education.

As philanthropist and higher education change-maker Henry M. Rowan said, ”Education is still the single most important means of changing a person’s life. It’s critical that our investment supports superior education for as many students as possible.”


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