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Intensive English at Ole Miss,
An Unforgettable Experience

Established over 30 years ago, the Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) provides comprehensive English training—including semester-long academic English programs, English language teacher training, a Bridge Program, and more.

The IEP has 45 full-time ESL students and nearly 100 part-time students. Most faculty members have been at the IEP for many years, and all have master’s degrees in TESOL. “Our faculty all have different backgrounds—which is fun—and creates different environments for our international students,” noted IEP Senior Director Dr. Whitney Sarver.



Whitney Tudor Sarver, PhD

Senior Director, Intensive English Program

A Taste of College for High School Students

International groups can sign up for short-term programs, such as the Summer College for High School Students (SCHS). With two 4-week sessions, the SCHS program gives high school students an exciting glimpse of college life. Students take two college-credit intensive English classes, live in an on-campus residence, and participate in excursions and fun activities.

The summer program often hosts international groups through a current partnership with a high school in Monterrey, Mexico. The IEP welcomes interested individuals or high schools to contact for more information.

Life at Ole Miss

When it comes to historical charm and modern amenities, Ole Miss offers the best of both worlds. With a breathtaking 2,000-acre campus established in 1848, the university maintains its historic beauty while continually investing in new buildings and student facilities. The surrounding area is home to a town square and a new shopping center, offering all the major stores a college student could want.

On campus, student spirit runs high and international students are encouraged to join clubs and intramural sports. International students live in on-campus residences and are well integrated into campus culture, participating in everything from tailgating at football games to taking part in community service opportunities.

The university’s location provides endless opportunities for off-campus learning and weekend getaways. Dr. Sarver elaborated, “We are 90 minutes from Memphis, Tennessee. We’re four hours from Nashville, five hours from Atlanta, and five hours from New Orleans.”


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