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Towson University

A Large University with a Close-knit Community

Established as a educational leader in the Mid-Atlantic and located near the vibrant city of Baltimore, Towson University’s English Language Center (ELC) welcomes students from all over the world. As the first intensive English language program in the Baltimore Towson area, it offers focused study programs tailored to students’ goals—including a direct pathway into Towson University itself.

Strong Academic Programs

From beginning to advanced or graduate level courses, the ELC is known for its small class sizes and experienced, caring staff. Whether the goal is to continue academic study in the United States or to enhance career prospects, the program offers tools and resources to improve English reading, writing, and conversation.



With a focus on intercultural communication skills, the ELC’s Conversation Partner Program and Co-Curricular collaborations with university classes provide students with opportunities for authentic speaking practice with non-native speakers and a chance to experience a typical university class.

Quality Student Life and Support

Towson University’s beautiful campus has a full range of facilities including libraries, labs, and sports arenas for students to enjoy.

The safe and affordable suburban area of Towson is just a short distance from some of the largest US cities including New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Campus social events and activities allow for a rich and well-rounded student experience.

International student support is extensive—from orientation meetings designed to help with the transition to merit scholarships which are available as early as the second semester. Free tutoring sessions are accessible to all.

“We are an international family of students and teachers from across the globe. We value your contribution to the diversity of our campus community. All are welcome here,” said Director of the English Language Center, Shelley Etzine. Much of the staff has worked or taught abroad.


Shelley Etzine

Director, English Language Center


Planning for the Future

Prospective undergraduate students can receive conditional admission by completing advanced level 4 (with a B or higher) and enter the university without a TOEFL or IELTS score. Graduate students who meet academic requirements may receive provisional admission in the same manner after completing Levels 5 and/or 6. The extensive undergraduate and graduation degree programs at Towson range from Business and Economics to Health Sciences, Education, Fine Arts, and Engineering.

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