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English Language Students Enjoy
an Immersive Experience

With programs running year-round for skill levels from beginner to advanced, the University of Connecticut’s American English Language Institute (UCAELI) strives to create an immersive language and cultural experience for students from around the world. International students have full access to campus facilities and resources and may live in on-campus housing during their English studies at the institute.

Established in 1881, the University of Connecticut’s idyllic New England-style campus has been likened to a typical university from a US movie. Located in a safe, small city halfway between Boston and New York, international students are able to take full advantage of American university life while exploring nearby tourist attractions on weekends.



Learning Beyond the Classroom

UCAELI offers an Intensive English Program (IEP), as well as part-time evening classes and professional-and vocational-focused English classes. The small classes at UCAELI—taught by caring, highly qualified instructors—ensure that students will get the individualized attention they need to improve their English proficiency quickly. Intensive English courses are generally in session from 9am to 3:30pm, and are supplemented with exciting topical electives and community-oriented activities in which students can practice their English skills in the real world.

“We partner with a lot of the local community centers where students can volunteer and they can interact and practice their English with people from our community and from UConn. They take a trip every week to places that they’re interested in—it could be a fire department, a nursing home, or anything that offers service,” explained UCAELI Associate Director Dr. Jeannie Slayton.

Life After UConn

Students may enroll in an academic class at the University of Connecticut while pursuing English classes at UCAELI through a bridge program designed to expose advanced students to academic English in their field of interest. Admissions counselors and workshops are available to assist international students with applications to academic programs at the University of Connecticut or other American universities.

UCAELI is proud to say that many of its students continue on to pursue degrees at UConn and beyond, and looks forward to welcoming English learners from Latin America and around the world to its thriving, friendly community.


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