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The University of Delaware (UD) is one of the oldest colleges in the US, boasting consistently high rankings, prolific faculty research, and an energetic student body. The English Language Institute (ELI) prides itself on excellence in language instruction with a broad range of specializations, all within close proximity to New York City, Washington, D.C., and an abundance of local cultural opportunities.

Excellence in Language Teaching

The ELI is a recognized leader in the field of teaching English as a second language. All ELI instructors hold advanced degrees and pride themselves on providing individualized attention to students.


Other universities and government agencies regularly request ELI training to improve their English teaching methods.


Dr. Scott Stevens

Ed. D., Director, English Language Institute

Studying at the ELI

ELI programs cater to a wide range of ability levels and specialized topic areas to match student interest. The most popular program for Latin Americans is the Intensive English Program, which offers short-term intensive classes on a flexible schedule. Sessions are each two months in length, so students have the option to study for two months or more depending on their goals.

At the University of Delaware ELI, professionals are able to pursue studies in English for Specific Purposes, such as Business English, American Law and Legal English, Medical English, and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teacher Training.

The ELI also offers several programs to help international students to prepare for their academic studies at American universities — and no TOEFL is required for any of these university preparation programs.

Graduate (i.e., Master’s and doctoral) students can participate in the Conditional Admissions Program. This program features courses and activities that are designed to meet the specific needs of individuals who will pursue advanced degrees in the United States. Besides intensive Academic English preparation, students learn about American culture and develop study skills that are necessary for success.

Beginning in August 2017, undergraduate (i.e., Bachelor’s degree) students will have a new and exciting university preparation option at the University of Delaware: Academic Transitions.

Introducing Academic Transitions: The New International First Year Program

The ELI is excited to announce that the conditional admissions program for undergraduate students has evolved into a new pathways program called Academic Transitions!

Students in Academic Transitions (AT) can earn up to 24 university credits while also improving their Academic English communication skills at the ELI; this is the equivalent of almost the entire first year of university!


Although Academic Transitions is a new program, the ELI is keeping some of the students’ favorite features that have traditionally been offered in its university preparation programs, such as:

  • No TOEFL exam requirement
  • High-quality academic preparation courses taught by talented instructors
  • Development of study skills, academic vocabulary, research skills, etc.
  • Preparation for the expectations of American university professors
  • Participation in our popular and innovative “Cohort” program
    Emphasis on student engagement, enabling students to become involved in campus life and to have a truly international experience

In addition, the ELI is adding several new features via Academic Transitions, such as:

  • The chance to earn up to 24 university credits that count toward the student’s degree and major requirements (helping the student to complete nearly the entire first year of university while studying at the ELI)
  • A flexible calendar, with three four-month trimesters each year (and three opportunities to begin the program each year)
  • An expected program duration of 12 months–with opportunities for advanced students to finish the program after 4 or 8 months

AT students will appreciate the value of this program because they can apply their language, academic, and engagement skills to credit-bearing university courses–at a fantastic price that is comparable to a full year of university study.

Further details will soon be posted on the ELI website at www.udel.edu/eli/at.

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Life at UD

Students can join over 200 student-led UD clubs or take part in a wide array of ELI programs, such as volunteering, participating in sporting events and cultural activities, and excursions to places like New York City or Washington, DC. There are always fun events on campus and in the university area, and students are encouraged to join the experience!

The ELI offers some excellent housing options to students in all of its programs:

  • Students in the Intensive English Program and in our special programs can live in off-campus apartments or with homestay families.
  • Students in Academic Transitions will live with Americans in one of several options: on-campus dormitories, homestays, or in the ELI’s popular Global Community off-campus apartments.

Studying at the University of Delaware’s ELI is the experience of a lifetime. We look forward to having you join us!

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