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An Active and Passionate Student Life and Education

The widely celebrated University of Miami (UM) is a medium-sized, top-ranked, private institution that prioritizes diversity—15% of its undergraduate students and 19% of its graduate students are international.

Miami itself offers a rich diversity of cultures, experiences, and opportunities. The beautiful Coral Gables campus is located just south of the city, within easy reach of sporting and cultural events as well as world-class beaches.



Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of Miami celebrated its 65th Anniversary in 2016, making it one of the oldest programs in the US.

In 1951 the IEP was born out of a need for English instruction for a few students from Latin America. Today, it forms a part of the Division of Continuing and International Education at the university, and offers six intake sessions (both full and mid sessions).

The IEP welcomes students from many countries and its Latin American students are a significant part of a proud university tradition. Students from Hispanic or Latino backgrounds make up 25% of both undergraduate and graduate student populations at UM. Showing enthusiasm for sharing their culture and learning from others, Latin American students are among the most active and passionate students on campus.

Academic Life

The IEP schedule is tailored to each student’s language ability. IEP coordinators know that no one learns a new language at the same speed in all skill areas. The IEP offers five levels of English instruction and allows students to be placed in contiguous levels. For instance, if a student’s listening and speaking skills are stronger than their reading and writing skills, they will be placed at a more advanced level. Classes average 12 students and electives are available at all levels. Classes include Oral Communication, Written Communication, Reading, workshops, and content-based classes.

A key attraction for students is the six entry points offered each year to best serve the needs of each student. Full sessions begin in September, January, and May; mid sessions begin in October, February, and June and are six weeks long.

With wide-ranging opportunities in student life, a dedicated faculty and staff, and an excellent academic reputation, the IEP offers the best for English language study.


Student Life

Designed for students to have fun and practice English in different contexts, weekly IEP activities bring students outside the classroom for both on-campus and off-campus excursions. Past activities have included trips to Universal Studios in Orlando, snorkeling in the Florida Keys, a nighttime cruise through the Miami Bay, as well as trips to see professional sports.

Because IEP students come from all over the world, they find the unique opportunity to make friends with people from different countries, cultures, and life experiences, all with the same goal of improving their English. Through these extracurricular activities, IEP students have the chance to practice English with one another in an informal environment.

Check out some of the IEP’s videos to get a better taste of the colorful and exciting student life, including an interview with Brazilian IEP alumni, Ricardo.

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